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21 November 2014
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iPhone Pro Camera

Designer Choi Jinyoung has released a new iPhone concept called the "iPhone Pro". It features a 3D camera, a DSLR lens mount, a built-in pico projector, and a removable hard drive.

20 November 2014
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Luxury Watches, Over One Million Dollar

Watch makes the hands beautiful. Usually watches price tags extends up to six figures which is quiet normal. However, there are some watches which are sky high expensive and costs more than one million dollars and even more. Let us have a look at these expensive wristwatch hours.

19 November 2014
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Inventions Of Nasa

Do you know that NASA not only send aircraft and man to space but also has invented a lot of useful things that we use in our day to date life.

19 November 2014
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Futuristic Vehicle For All Diverse Landscape

The Volkswagan Aqua Hovercraft concept is a futuristic hovercraft powered by hydrogen and propelled by impellers. It was designed by Yuhan Zhang from China. It was presented CDN Awards and conceived as an off road vehicle targeted for Chinese customers.

19 November 2014
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Hard To Believe Unknown Facts

Here are some of the strange and unknown facts that you might not have heard. These information are unique and amazing which has marked a new position in the history of world.

10 November 2014
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Glass Free Portable 3D Real Entertainment

Technology has influenced and changed the world of future. A New desired technology named Bleen has emerged which enables everyone to watch 3D in a better Quality. Bleen is the practical 3D projection system that works without glasses or other devices.

10 November 2014
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Solar Street Concept

The solar street concept is the winner of 2014 red dot design award designed by Nikola Knezevic. It is an energy saving product for public locations. with help of its 7.3 square meters of solar panels and movement sensors energy saving system (MOSESS) it produces illumination throughout the night.

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