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24 November 2015
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Fabula Organic Pencil To Grow And Feed Plants

Fabula, an revolutionary eco-friendly plantable organic pencil that nurtures Nature. Developed by Mateja Kuhar, Fabula was awarded the A'Design Award in the category of Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category, 2014 - 2015.

Virtual World Fair 2017 The First Worldwide Travel From Inside Your Home

What if you could discover a new facet, where dreams come to reality and there is no limits for imagination. A virtual worlds built over physical environments. '4D' environment FX, explore with and play against others. Custom motions simulators for unmatched realism.

19 November 2015
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Samsung Gear S2 The Best Fashionable Smartwatch

Samsung’s S2 is the excellent smartwatch it’s ever made with a rotating bezel and Samsung Pay. The Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic are Samsung’s first smartwatches in 2015, and attribute an attractive, round design that appears a lot more like a usual wristwatch.

18 November 2015
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Poppi Airlines Redefines The Future Of Travel

Start-up corporation "Poppi" has imagined the airline of the long run. The industry behind the inspiration hopes to carry the same disruption to the airline industry that Uber brought to taxis and AirBnB has delivered to hotels.

17 November 2015
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Throw and Go - Lily Camera Will Follow You

Lily Camera would be the world's first throw and shoot camera. It gives cinematic footage for professional film makers.

13 November 2015
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Foldable Touchscreen Smartphone - The Drasphone

Suppose having a touchscreen smartphone that you simply might fold up. That’s a bit impractical right? Well, R&D CORE limited considered this fact and that have given you a concept for a foldable mobilephone and it’s known as Drasphone.


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