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08 October 2015
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Electrolux Winner Bloom Encourage Healthy Modern Cooking

A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Bloom is a one-of-a-kind kettle that utilizes steam in a safe and accessible way for children. Bloom doesn’t just benefit children, but the entire family.

08 October 2015
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the iPhone 6s Will Propel the Popularity of 4K Video

One of the many new and impressive features of the iPhone 6s is its ability to film and play 4K video. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, 4K is a catch-all term for video with a horizontal resolution of 4,000 but often refers to any ultra HD resolution above 3,840 by 2,160 pixels.

08 October 2015
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Driverless Cars: Tomorrow or a More Distant Horizon

Driverless cars were once a thought of as science fiction, but Google has been hard at work on a driverless car for years. Honda and Apple have also joined the automated car business. But don't toss your keys away quite yet, automated cars are a controversial issue in many states, and

30 September 2015
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Worlds Longest Glass Bottomed Hero Bridge Opens In China

A terrifying wooden bridge in China has just been replaced by a glass one. This, the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway, is located in Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, and spans 300m (984f) and is 180m (590f) above ground.

30 September 2015
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Invasion Of Technology Addiction Honest Posters

#This_Generation by Ajit Johnson, a Ph.D. student working in cancer genetics and genomics, is a set of minimal posters that he designed to emphasis the invasion of tech addiction without themselves being aware of it. Use of technology is of course fun and extremely useful but

1.8 Million Dollar Floating Seahorse Underwater Villas In Dubai

The first of its kind a luxury breathtaking underwater villas that lets you to sleep with the fishes in Dubai. Created by the Kleindienst Group, the three-level luxury boathouses, called the "Floating Seahorse", is the city’s latest lavish and futuristic development.

27 September 2015
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Upcoming Sandalwood Actress Nandita, alias Swetha

Nandita Swetha is an South Indian actress, usually appears in Tamil movies.Her real name is Swetha and later changed it to Nanditha as screen name.


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