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29 July 2015
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Rare Historical Vintage Photographs

Here are some of the interesting rare collection of old pictures that you simply don't have seen before. It's important to look to the prior for guidance on the future. They show essentially the most intriguing moments of our world historical past.

Now You Can Charge Your Smartphone With Candle And Water

Candle Charger by Stower is the first indoor generator designed to charge smartphones. Instant, reliable, indoor USB power using just a candle and water - stay charged and connected.

Planets First Liquid-Metal Smartphone To Hit Market On July 31

The arena's first smartphone, "The Turing Phone" is a progressive liquid-metallic mobile phone that's unhackable and unbreakable will hit the market on July 31.

19 July 2015
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Molllywood Actress Shaalin Zoya Photograph illustration

Shalu also known as Shaalin Zoya is Malayalam anchor, dancer and actress. Actress Shaalin Zoya is from Calicut, Kerala, located in south India on Malabar Coast. Father is a business man and mother homemaker.

18 July 2015
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Snail Bob 9 - Fun to Play Video Games

A couple of video games still provide a serene and lovely experience at the expenditure of little effort and the best part is that they are still free to play. Snail Bob 9 is the most recent induction in my 2-d fun-to-play video games collection.


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