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17 December 2014
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Drink Fresh Water From Air On The Go

If you are going for a long trip, it is a need to take adequate amount of water. But now there is a new self filling water bottle, which harvests drinking water from the air. That sound amazing, doesn’t it?

17 December 2014
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Reconnect The Nature With Outdoor Multi Projector

Its humorous that we pick going outdoor and camping, simply to reconnect with nature, and yet we need the comfort of technology to keep us entertained. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, the Dooroo is a projector that's easy to mounted and work with.

16 December 2014
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Creative Cute Cartoon Characters Mouth Painting

Creativity is creating whatever new, particular and useful. Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson makes use of makeup to create cute and sensible cool animated film characters from our childhood on her mouth.

Ariana Grande, Beautiful Singer-Actress from Boca Raton

Ariana Grande-Butera generally called as Ariana Grande, was born on 26th June, 1993 in Boca Raton a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. She is an American Singer, actress and songwriter by profession.

15 December 2014
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Mini Portable Printer

The whole lot in these days has long gone mobile. Thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops we can depart our office whilst staying utterly linked by using doing work on the go. However, there's one gadget that was left behind and seemed to miss the "mobile revolution train"- The Printer.

15 December 2014
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Australia Unveils HSV With 250 Miles Per Hour

With the route between Melbourne and Sydney one of the vital air visitors corridor on the planet, an opportunity exists for an alternative form of transport - one where the passengers can say goodbye to endless queues and delayed flights.

12 December 2014
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Kick Out Summer With Portable Air Conditioner

The ‘Aircon+E’ is similar to a fan that uses thermo-element technology, so when it really works with electricity, it cools like an air-conditioner. It was designed by Stella Baek, Mingyeong Baek, Hyunju Park, Mi Jang and Jimin Lee. The fan may also be charged and used on its integrated battery, thus moveable.

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