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Chevy's Driverless Concept Car Now Comes to Reality

General Motors driver-less car, the Chevrolet FNR is now leading the autonomous car concept. Now the electric driverless car has come to reality. A Chinese GM division has revealed Chevrolet-FNR the driver-less car in the Shanghai auto show.

A drone landed on the Prime Minister's office in Japan

Recently Japan Prime Minister's office got into a mystery news. A Japanese worker found a drone on the roof top of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's office and it was carrying a water bottle.

23 April 2015
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Celebs changing the world: Matthew C. Martino

Although most celebs or public figures are better known for their infamous run ins with the press or the general flashy behaviour, however 22year old Matthew C. Martino has gone past those days of high society partying to change the world.

19 April 2015
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The X-47B UAV's First Air Refueling Test

The Navy's X-47B unmanned drone joined with an Omega Air KC-707 air tanker to test on air refueling. This was the first time in aviation history, a Unmanned drone to demo on air refueling abilities.

16 April 2015
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Have You Read The Story of Bottled Water

What do you do when you are thirsty? Do you fetch a glass of water from a tap or do you buy a bottled water to quench your thirst? Obviously most of us will buy a bottled water. What happened to us?


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