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Here and Gone, the Making of a Rock n’ Roll Super Manager

Gary Monroe has a prolific history in the music business. Dating back to late 1973 and early 1974 Gary began a long established career in music management starting with the stars of the 1970’s number one hit show “Happy Days”.

19 April 2015
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The X-47B UAV's First Air Refueling Test

The Navy's X-47B unmanned drone joined with an Omega Air KC-707 air tanker to test on air refueling. This was the first time in aviation history, a Unmanned drone to demo on air refueling abilities.

Did You Know? You can Sell Old Phones Online

I am sure you would have some old device at home. Don't know how to dispose your old gadgets? Wouldn't you be happier, if you could sell these old phones and get some ready cash online, just sitting at your home.

16 April 2015
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Have You Read The Story of Bottled Water

What do you do when you are thirsty? Do you fetch a glass of water from a tap or do you buy a bottled water to quench your thirst? Obviously most of us will buy a bottled water. What happened to us?

Actress Pooja Hegde Set Foot in Bollywood via Film Mohenjo Daro

Pooja is a south Indian actress and her first debut was in tamil movie 'Mugamoodi' (2012). She is well known for her advertsiment for 'Fair & Lovely' fairness cream.

01 April 2015
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15 Most Bizarre Phobias - What Are You Afraid Of

In clinical psychology, a phobia is a variety of nervousness sickness, more often defined as a continuous worry of an object or crisis where the sufferer commits to great lengths. There are more than 400 different phobias recognized by psychologists. Here are some of the most bizarre phobias that you might have.


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