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31 October 2014
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Portable Futuristic Personal Computer Concept

Advancement in technology creates new sleek, modern, impressive designs and portable computers. These futuristic computers are mind-blowing and it will be so wonderful if they are available in the market soon.

31 October 2014
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Cool Household Inventions

Here are some of the new inventions in the market which you would have not imagined so far. These technology advancement makes life so simple and presentable. Check these new cool inventions that are made just for you.

First Suspension Bridge Walk

The world's first suspension bridge connecting two mountain peaks in the Swiss alps has been officially inaugurated this month. The new "peak walk" links the glacier 3000 peak and Scex Rouge peak in Alps. It is 351 Feet long glass bottomed walkway at a elevation of 9800 feet above the sea level.

28 October 2014
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Apple iWear

A new flexible, sleek and slim gadget called the Apple iWear is a flexible phone also a bracelet, can be worn on the wrist. The designer Sunfer Ho has designed the iWear with flexible display screen, PCB and magnetic flexible body.

Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore's new national sports stadium has been named as the sports building of the year and the world's largest free-spanning dome. It measures 310 meters across and the roof can be opened or closed according to the climatic condition.

23 October 2014
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First Umbrella Ever With No Upper Plasticised Fabric

Rainy days are the most lovely days in a year except for the wet umbrella and rain coats. However designers Je Sung Park & Woo Jung Kwon of China has designed a new type of umbrella that uses forced air, adjustable canopy and no upper plastic umbrella sheet. The umbrella is named as "Air Umbrella".

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