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Upcoming XO-Infinity Modular Laptop For Children

24 February 2015
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Upcoming XO-Infinity Modular Laptop For Children
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was an ambitious project aimed at bringing modern technology to students in the developing nations. Australia's One Education has now officially released some details on an upcoming modular laptop project.
Wireless Keyboard With Multi Function Shortcut And Language Keys
Those of us who are terrible at memorizing keyboard shortcuts, can now do it with ingenious wireless keyboard concept known as E Ink Keyboard. Depending on where you’re from, it will be sold to you…

Portable Instant Photo Printer For Your Phone

08 January 2015
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Portable Instant Photo Printer For Your Phone
Polaroid has unveiled a brand new mobile, pocket-sized printer that lets you print enjoyable snaps from any Bluetooth enabled Apple or Android gadgets instantly. The Polaroid Zip mobile printer, lets you print instantaneous 3 x…

Roll Me - Electronic Newspapers

19 September 2011
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Roll Me
Roll Me is Compact cylinder - based computer technology, for e-newspaper. The cylinder roll is fixed statically, so that you get a full screen. It looks like a newspaper. This concept has to go through…
Feno Laptop
Feno Concept is designed by Niels van Hoof and it is about the size of Sony Vaio P. The amazing part of the laptop is that the monitor display can be folded at your convenience.…

WiFi Pico Projector - The Best Gadget

18 January 2011
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WiFi Pico Projector
The new compact projector from Chinavasion, based on the LED element, has a built-in Wi-Fi, and a wireless keyboard. This is the best gadget produced by Chinavasion in this month.
Portable Futuristic Personal Computer Concept
Advancement in technology creates new sleek, modern, impressive designs and portable computers. These futuristic computers are mind-blowing and it will be so wonderful if they are available in the market soon.

New Modern Compact Desktop Printer

06 October 2012
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New Modern Compact Desktop Printer
To solve the problem of lack of space on the office desk, Compact printer model authorship designer Neilson Navarrete has created Widescreen desktop printer. Its body has a sliding telescopic design that allows you to…

S600 - Handset And Sheetfed Portable Scanner

10 May 2013
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S600 - Handset And Sheetfed Portable Scanner
Mini Mobile handheld scanner with rechargeable battery, free App for Apple & free software for PC users can scan photos, business cards, pictures, documents quickly and easily. Works as Sheetfed Scanner with the docking station…
8-inch Tablet with Windows 8.1
Lenovo launching the 8 inch light weight tablet with Windows 8.1. OS. The device comes with an optional stylus and detachable cover costing an extra $20. The cost of the tablet itself will be $299…


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