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Upcoming XO-Infinity Modular Laptop For Children

24 February 2015
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One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was an ambitious project aimed at bringing modern technology to students in the developing nations. Australia's One Education has now officially released some details on an upcoming modular laptop project. One Education has so far managed to get 50,000 XO models into the hands of disadvantaged children in Australia, while also training some 2,500 teachers on how to use the system. Being a modular laptop, it has been specially designed in order for it to be upgraded and modified, and shipping will commence in 2016.


Designed for use in schools and at home, the XO-infinity is a modular computer simple enough for a 4-year-old to put together. Modernising the iconic design of OLPC's original XO laptop, the XO-infinity is crafted to be sturdy enough to last an entire childhood. The main computer is said to be small, durable and support a range of hardware including touchscreens and keyboards, ARM or x86 chips, and operating systems like Linux, Android, and Windows.

Aiming to reduce the ongoing cost and environmental impact of keeping technology up to date, it is envisioned that young owners will be able to update modules as needed and then subsequently trade, swap and donate parts with others. The expected lifespan of the modular laptop/tablet is reported to be 10 years. The final cost of the XO-infinity has not been revealed, but One Education says that it will be cheaper than the current XO laptop. It's also not clear at this stage if the device will be made available outside of Australia.

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