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11 Portable Futuristic Personal Computer Concept

31 October 2014
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Advancement in technology creates new sleek, modern, impressive designs and portable computers. These futuristic computers are mind-blowing and it will be so wonderful if they are available in the market soon.

1. B-membrane Laptop/Desktop Hybrid

Designed by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee, this futuristic computer comes with a membrane keyboard that appears when needed. The designer has eliminated the need for monitors. You can beam your content onto any surface you can point the omnidirectional projector at.

B-membrane Laptop

2. Future Touch Tech

Designed by Jakub Zahor, this concept futuristic computer enables the users to operate the device anywhere they can find a glass surface. Users can attach the central unit to any glass surface, switch on the power and go on.

Future Touch Tech

Future Touch Tech

3. Horizon

This futuristic desktop computer concept comes with flexible OLED. Users need not worry about the size of their monitor any more. The computer is slick and futuristic.


4. HP LiM

HP offers a beautiful futuristic computer concept known as HP LiM. LiM stands for “Less in More”. It comes with a 19-inch transparent touch OLED screen along with a virtual or wireless keyboard.


5. InOne Computer Concept

The InOne is an all-in-one computer concept. It comes with 22-inch screen, touch-pad, keyboard, speakers and a digital tablet. All these are built into one TRONtastic package. They are all wireless connected. The tablet displays what you write and draw, so you don’t have to look up at the screen.

InOne Computer Concept

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