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Cute Human Alphabets

03 April 2010
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By twisting their bodies into impossible positions, the members of the Pilobolus Dance Theater have recreated 26 letters of the alphabet. Photographer John Kane, 58 and the Pilobolus Dance Theatre Group work together to create human representations of the alphabet. The magic happened in John’s studio, in Connecticut, over a period of four days using six highly trained contortionists.According to the dancers, the hardest letters were “C” and “R”. Although they wouldn’t reveal the secret behind how they pulled it off, John and the dancers swear no Photoshop was used. The human alphabet photos, taken by John Kane, were used in a book aimed at children and adults alike. Called “Pilobolus – The Human Alphabet”. This collection of human letters Used as an educational aid and as a piece of art, the Pilobolus Human Alphabet has appeared everywhere from the Oscar ceremony to stage in the Big Apple. Each letter in the book comes with a shape made by the dancers, such as ant, which then corresponds with the letter A.

Cute Human Alphabets

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