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Stylish And Efficient Tools Of Girls For Self Defense Featured

05 June 2015
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The world is gorgeous and dangerous at identical time. Iowa Yokom Taylor set to conduct a non-public investigation: she created a series of pictures of his fellow students, showing what things they take with them for self-defense. It’s a tragic reality that a lot of ladies feel unsafe to run home alone in the dead of night in worry of being attacked or mistreated.

Some have resorted to carrying defensive objects, like key chain or whistles, to guard themselves. It was this that Taylor Yocom, a 22 year photography student from the University of Iowa to form the “Guarded” project. For her project, she photographed ladies holding up the things they owned to defend themselves from attack. She was galvanized to start out the project when she, along side ladies in her category, force out their key chains and shared what they'd to stay themselves safe in the dead of night.

The ladies shown within the photos are all women on Yocom’s school field. She believes the objects they’re holding represent a “larger reality of victim blaming”. And that they're the “physical manifestation of the realities that girls have to be compelled to face each day”. Yocom aforementioned she is making an attempt to show this drawback and alter our culture.

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