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Mollywood Actress Shaalin Zoya Photograph illustration Featured

19 July 2015
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Shalu also known as Shaalin Zoya is Malayalam anchor, dancer and actress. Actress Shaalin Zoya is from Calicut, Kerala, located in south India on Malabar Coast. Father is a business man and mother homemaker. She is famous for her character as Deepa Rani, in Asianet television serial 'Autograph'. Black Coffee (Malayalam), Badarul Muneer Husnul Jamal (Malayalam), Sadharanakkaran (Malayalam), and Rajamanthri (Tamil) are movies signed in 2015.


Molllywood Actress Shaalin Zoya

Shaalin Zoya

Actress Shalu in saree

Malayalam actress Shaalin sitting pose

Shaalin Zoya potrait

Shalin Zoya charming appearance

Actress Zoya in orange saree

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