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Manasara Fame Telugu Actress - Sri Divya Featured

18 January 2011
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Ravi Babu’s Manasara is a love story between an unconventional-looking Telugu man and a pretty Malayali woman born in a family that practices Kalari. While the focus on romance is less, there is such an overdose of violence and martial art that people find this narration unpalatable.

Manasara Fame Telugu Actress, Sri Divya

The director tends to justify his story by making the hero indulge in a self deprecatory act, a song that says it’s okay if you aren’t good-looking, you are the kind of person I’m looking for. The leading lady grows up craving for love and one gesture of kindness makes her fall for the man who knows how to battle for love but not battle out with swords.

Sri Divya expertly portrays an abused girl who is constantly being slapped by her family and still shows her will and wait to embrace happiness. Her anxiety driven performance aids mood of the film.

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