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Gold Rush - Telugu TV Anchor - Udaya Bhanu

14 August 2009
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Gold Rush, Telugu TV Anchor, Udaya Bhanu

She is the queen bee of Telugu telly. Take any channel and you will find her in and out of the small screen. That’s Udaya Bhanu whose consistent and extremely successful run on the channels clearly places her miles ahead of others. Udaya Bhanu established herself in an enviable position with a series of successful shows. Whether it has her challenging youngsters with a dare for ‘Sahasam Cheyara Dhimbaka’ or handing over gold coins to winners in ‘Gold Rush’, she proved to be an anchor with the Midas touch for producers and channels.

Not surprising, every channel is keen on slotting at least one show of hers in their programme schedule. She also has a large following spread across the globe too and is perhaps, the only telly star to have websites dedicated to her.

Udaya Bhanu, whom a section of the industry prefers as the superstar of Telugu telly, also made it to the big screen and the recent movie was ‘Apadamokkulavadu’. Never hesitant at accepting challenging roles as anchor, Udaya Bhanu has enough shows in her kitty. Just wait for her next ‘avatar’.

Udaya Bhanu in blue saree

Udaya bhanu in pink saree

Actress Udaya in brown saree

Bhanu in black saree

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