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American Teen Actress - Selena Gomez

07 November 2009
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Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American teen actress and singer best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Disney Channel series. Gomez began her acting career at age seven. Gomez is a Christian and began wearing a purity ring with "true love waits" engraved when she was 12 years old. Gomez, who as of June, 2009, has four dogs, has described her self as being a "huge animal lover”.

Gomez was involved in the UR Votes Count campaign which helped encourage teenagers learn more about their 2008 Presidential candidates (Barack Obama and John McCain). In October 2008, Gomez was named a spokesperson for UNICEF's 2008 Trick-or-Treat campaign, which encouraged children to raise money on Halloween to help children around the world. She said that she was "extremely excited" to "encourage other kids to make a difference in the world." In October 2008, Gomez participated in St. Jude's Children's Hospital "Runway For Life" benefit. Gomez is a spokesperson for Borden Milk; she is featured in the campaign's print and television ads. She is the ambassador of after being involved with the charity Island Dog, which help dogs in Puerto Rico.

Gomez is also involved with the charity RAISE Hope For Congo, the charity helps raise awareness about the violence against Congolese women, in the Congo. In August, 2009, Gomez was named and currently, at the age of 17, is the youngest UNICEF ambassador. In her first official field mission, Gomez traveled to Ghana on September 4, 2009 for a week to witness first-hand the stark conditions of vulnerable children that lack vital necessities including clean water, nourishment, education and healthcare. As of September, 2009, Gomez currently is the new face of Sears back-to-school fashion ad campaign. In October, 2009, Gomez announced her plan to launch her own fashion line, called "Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez", which is set to launch in fall 2010.

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