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15 Best Inventions Of Earlier Women That Changed The World

09 March 2016
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Today the works of women is making its final steps. We need to salute those women who are the creators of some of today's creations. At the end of 20th century only 10 percent of all patents were awarded to female investors but those days women have faced many hardship to get their patent and receive credit for their ideas. In this article, we'll salute those women for their valuable inventions.

1. Diapers

Tired mom and housewife Marion Donovan in 1917, sat at a sewing machine with a shower curtain, and after several attempts to create a waterproof covering for the diaper. Donovan design did not cause diaper rash and stings the baby's skin.


2. Wi-Fi

Hedy Lamarr in 1941, patented a secret means of communication, which dynamically changes the broadcasting frequency to hinder enemy interception. Since 1962, this product was used in the American torpedoes, and is now used in mobile and Wi-Fi.


3. Silencer For The Car

This acoustic filter invented El Delores Jones in 1917, after which the world around us has become a bit quieter.


4. Circular Saw

Tabitha Babbitt, 1779 was an early American and Shaker tool maker and inventor, including inventions for the circular saw, spinning wheel head and false teeth. Before which the men used saw with two handles moving it front and back. Babbitt thought it was a waste of energy, and in 1810 created a prototype of a circular saw, which later came to be used in the sawmill industry.


5. Canned Meats

In 1873 at the World Exhibition in Vienna, our compatriot Nadezhda Kozhin has demonstrated a method of preparing canned meat, for which he received a medal.


6. Wipers

First wipers for car invented by Mary Anderson in 1903. She felt the need when the driver, was forced to stop the car and shoveling snow from the windscreen during the blizzard.


7. Snowblower

Cleanliness should be not only at home but also in the streets, regular secretary decided Cynthia Westover and gathered great-grandfather of modern machines to clean the streets of snow in 1892.

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