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Should she be the Next Bond Girl
Margot Elise Robbie a Australian actress & producer. DOB: 2nd July 1990. You could have seen her recently in movie 'Focus'.
15 Best Inventions Of Earlier Women That Changed The World
Today the works of women is making its final steps. We need to salute those women who are the creators of some of today's creations. At the end of 20th century only 10 percent of…
Salute To The Brave Wildlife Photographer On Women's Day
Shannon Wild, 36 from south Africa is a women who has documented the animals with photography by close encounter with leopard, elephants and many other wild beasts on her safari.
Teenage Horse Rider Became The World's Youngest Billionaire
As soon as graduating from high-school, the 19 year old Alexandra Andresen of Norway has been named as the "World's Youngest Billionaire" by Forbes ranking with the estimation of $ 1.2 billion (or 862 million…

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