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Worlds Most Expensive Advertising Video, After 606 takes Featured

17 May 2009
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It took $6.2 million for the 90 second ad video. World's most expensive advertisement film which took around 606 takes.

Watch the amazing video, you will love it.

You may believe those who generate a room full of dominos to topple over were incredible. surprisingly, just unbelievable!

When the ad concept was put in front of professionals, they agreed instantly without any second thought of the expenses. There are half a dozen, that is six, man made Honda Accords in the world. To the amazing part of Ford technicians is, they disassembled two of the car to make this advertising film.

There is no extra computer effets or electronic methods in film. Everything you see really occurred in real time, exactly as you can see it. The film required 606 takes. In each 605 takes, one or the other, there were some small corrections.

The staff spent many days shooting day and night. By the time it had been more than, they were prepared to alter occupations. The film cost six million bucks and took three months to finish which includes complete design of the sequence.

In addition, it really is two minutes long so each time Toyota airs the video on UK TV set, they are spending adequate dough to keep any kind of us in clover for a lifetime. However, it is becoming one of the most downloaded ad in Internets past history. Toyota executives number the advertisement has decided to buy by itself simply in "free viewings Inch( Ford isn't paying any cash to possess you observe this business!).

Everything you see inside the movie( apart from the walls, floor, slam and finished Honda Agreement ) is components from those two cars. The words- above is Garrison Keillor. When the ad was demonstrated to Honda management, they liked it and said how incredible PC graphics have obtained.

They chop down using their company chairs after they found out it was legitimate. And the way about those cool windshield wipers? On the new Accords, the windshield wipers have drinking water receptors and are designed to start doing their point immediately.

It took $6.2 million for the 90 second ad video. World's Most Expensive Advertising Campaign, After 606 takes.

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