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Amazing Physics of Superconductivity Effect - Video Featured

18 May 2009
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This video shows an amazing concept of physics which works based on superconductivity effect. The round metal starts to suspend in air without any support.

Video - Effect of Superconductivity


Superconductivity is a trend of specifically Zero electrical level of resistance and expulsion of permanent magnetic areas happening in some components when cooled below the condemnatory temperature. It absolutely was discovered by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes a Dutch Physicist on 8th April, 1911 in Leiden.

Similar to electron transitions within an atom and ferromagnetism, superconductivity can be a main mechanized phenomenon. It is classified by the Meissner impact, the whole ejection of permanent magnetic field outlines from your interior of the superconductor as it changes into the superconducting condition. The appearance of the Meissner impact shows that superconductivity can not be understood merely because the idealization of perfect conductivity in classical physics.

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