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1157 Tons Largest Equipment, Ever Carried - Video Featured

15 February 2014
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Check out the most heavy load ever carried within America. In 1980 a truck with 384 tires was loaded with the biggest power plant equipment and transported in Tennessee. The load of the equipment was 2,314,000 lbs, approximately 1157 US Tons. The people of Tennessee witnessed a spectacular movement of a heavy component. People came out on street to watch this amazing transportation.

Video of Truck with 384 tires was loaded with Biggest Power Plant Equipment

Under contract the VSL Corporation successfully transported and installed the heavy equipment. This equipment measuring 80 feet in length and 46 feet in diameter. This was the heaviest equipment ever moved on United states public road. It took more than 2 weeks to move the heavy load the destination. This required more two years of route planning, equipment design and fabrication. The requirement were complicated, there was 47 miles of public transportation to travel. This project was managed by a crew of 90 people. This is a prime example of detailed planning and well managed execution can pay off in a successful project.

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