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15 February 2014
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1157 Tons Largest Equipment, Ever Carried
Check out the most heavy load ever carried within America. In 1980 a truck with 384 tires was loaded with the biggest power plant equipment and transported in Tennessee. The load of the equipment was…
13 November 2013
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Easy To Shape Kinectic Sand
Kinetic Sand is WABA Fun’s first product that breathes motion. Easy-to-shape sand that molds into simple desktop designs. It leaves no sand or residue on your hands and is great for sensory therapy. Kinetic Sand…
20 October 2013
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Slide and Jump - Amazing Gliding Jump
This amazing man slides and glides on air and jumps into a small pool. He is so accurate that he lands exactly into the pool. He slides and then jumps over the ramp and finally…
23 August 2013
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Know About Your Blessed Body
In the next 30 seconds, your body will do an amazing amount of things. Thanks to the almighty for such a blessed body
26 July 2013
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Coca Cola And Its Cleaning Power
Coke is listed as a great way to accomplish the following for its cleaning powers. To clean a toilet, rust spots from car bumpers, grease from clothes and so on...This video proves the cleaning of…
19 July 2013
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Really Awesome Humans
Human beings are awesome. Each one have their own talent and some excel others. This video is such a compilation of amazing people for the year 2013.
12 June 2013
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Amazing Video That Can Change Your Attitude
This is an Awesome video which I bet it can change your attitude. Its simple logic is We can make change, just change your attitude first. Watch out...
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