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Valravn Roller Coaster To Set 10 New World Records

21 September 2015
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 Valravn Roller Coaster To Set 10 New World Records
Valravn is an upcoming steel roller coaster under construction at Cedar Point. The Cedar Point theme park in the city of Sandusky, Ohio, has announced a new ride that it says will claim 10 world…
Meet Jessica - Earths First Licensed Armless Motivational Pilot
Jessica Cox (born 1983 in Arizona) is the world's first licensed armless pilot, as well as the first armless black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association. Cox is the subject of an upcoming documentary titled "Right…
Admiral X Force 145 - The Most Expensive Luxury Mega Yacht
Admiral X Force 145 - a stunning luxury megayacht length of 143 meters. The yacht has a low landing and smooth, curved lines. when the sun falls a 360 degree ring of lights illuminates the…
Very Close Parallel Parking New Guiness Record
Very Close Parallel Parking - New Guinness World Record 2011. Check out .

Swiss Ball Surfing Record Attempt Video

12 February 2011
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Swiss Ball Surfing Record Attempt Video
This is Craig, the Corrective Exercise Coach. He is only 2 balls short of the world record.

Top 10 Global Skyscrapers Rating Of 2015

05 January 2015
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Top 10 Global Skyscrapers Rating Of 2015
With the number of formally tall building doubling over the following couple of years, it's expected to jump from two to 10 by 2020. Indeed, next year alone 10 new skyscrapers of at least 1,110…
World's Tallest Twin Towers
Dubai is already known for its world’s tallest building, the 829.8-metre (2,722ft) tall Burj Khalifa. Now developers Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings have partnered to build a vast development on the Dubai waterfront, with six…

World's First UltraHD 70-Inch 3D Samsung TV

19 February 2011
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70-Inch 3D Samsung TV
Samsung has reports about the world's largest 3D-TV with support for ultra high-definition television (3840h2160) with a diagonal of 70 inches. At a novelty 8,000,000 pixels, and it was represented at the exhibition FPD International…
First Suspension Bridge Walk
The world's first suspension bridge connecting two mountain peaks in the Swiss alps has been officially inaugurated this month. The new "peak walk" links the glacier 3000 peak and Scex Rouge peak in Alps. It…
Singapore Sports Hub
Singapore's new national sports stadium has been named as the sports building of the year and the world's largest free-spanning dome. It measures 310 meters across and the roof can be opened or closed according…


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