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Shenanigans Photoshop Fun Photo

25 June 2011
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Photoshop Fun Photo
These photos look very realistic, thanks to the hard technical efforts of photographers.

Cute Women Before and After Photoshop

20 October 2013
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Before and After Photoshop
We are again with more pictures of Cute Women Before and After Photoshop. Check out how to make beauties with photoshop.

Programmers Doing Good Job Video

13 November 2013
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Programmers Doing Good Job
It's true that most programmers don't need any help, programming does involve a good animation so as to have fruitful output. check this amazing video.

Amazing Animation Without Computer

23 November 2013
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Animation Without Computer
Animation generally includes software techniques which minimizes work and time. However this video shows the effort of the team in making animation without computer. Hats off.

Celebrities Funny Photoshop Work

16 May 2009
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Celebrities Photoshopped picture
Very funny Photoshopped work of celebrities. Celebrities are portrayed bigger than skyscraper buildings.


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