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BMW Two Wheel Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle

08 December 2015
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BMW Two Wheel Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle
This is a fantastic concept, designed specifically to set a new speed record styled for saltlake speed record attempts rather than daily usage. The concept is called the 'BMW apollo streamliner' created by industrial designer,…

Street Legal - Tron Legacy Light Cycle Motorcycle

19 February 2011
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Street Legal
Dream Machines, a Florida reality bike shop recently released street-legal custom motorcycles inspired by the iconic Light Cycle in upcoming sci-fi movie Tron Legacy. Each custom motorcycle comes with a steel frame,

Confederate X132 - 50000 Dollar Motorcycle

19 October 2012
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Confederate X132
$50,000 for a Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle, includes the billet aluminum case, and is finished off with clean carbon fiber wheels. Named after the legendary F6F Hellcat fighter plane of WWII, the X132 Hellcat is…

Compact folding bike - Concept Bike Design

25 June 2012
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Compact folding bike
Arvind M Designed the the concept of compact folding bike. This folding bike consists of circular frame, which looks like a folded steering wheel. The pedals and wheels can be folded and which allows super…

Intricate Motorcycles Made Of Watches

16 June 2012
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Intricate Motorcycles Made Of Watches
40-year-old Ukrainian artist Dmitriy Khristenkho creates intricate miniature models of motorcycles using component originating from watches.

Be.e - Bio Electric Scooter

19 July 2013
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Be.e - Bio Electric Scooter
The Be.e Electric Scooter is a Lightweight Bike made from Compressed Plants and bio-composites. It is the most sustainable scooter in the world. The natural fiber-reinforced composites (NFCs) replace traditional plastics.

Raspberry Pi Bike Headlight, Navigation for Cycle

26 March 2013
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Raspberry Pi Bike Headlight
If you have used a bicycle speedometer, you can guess how hard it is to move your eyes off the road even for a sec to see how fast you are pedaling.

Hyosung's New Comet GT250R Bike

31 May 2012
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Hyosung's New Comet GT250R Bike
The Hyosung GT250Rhas a large tank and sport seating 250cc motorcycle. It has 17-litre fuel tank

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle

25 July 2009
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Ferrari V4 Motorcycle
This Ferrari V4 superbike by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik is just too beautiful to pass up.

Platune Sand-X Bike For Desert Terrain

10 August 2009
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Platune Sand-X Bike
A joint venture of Platune, an American company, and Sand-X, a Swiss company specializing in off-road vehicles, the Platune Sand-X Bike is a modified version of a snowmobile to be used in a desert or…


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