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Speak Unlearnt Language With Instant Language Translator Earpiece
Meet Pilot, the world's first smart earpiece language translator. Designed by Waverly labs, the device uses the latest technology in speech recognition, wearable technology and machine translation whereby it can be used by travelers without…
Convert Your Normal Screen Laptop To Touchscreen Laptop With Airbar
Neonode Inc., the Optical Interactive Sensing Technology Company, has announced its new AirBar sensor with zForce AIR™ technology, a device that enables touch functionality on new or existing non-touch PCs running Windows® or Chrome OS™…
8 Wheeled Ponsse ScorpionKing - The Ultimate Forest Clearing Machine
The eight-wheeled ScorpionKing offers the best possible setting for efficient and productive work of cutting trees and logging. The unique new crane solution offers excellent visibility in all directions, enabling smooth and flexible working whatever…

7 Hi Tech Life Changing Futuristic Inventions

07 December 2015
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7 Hi Tech Life Changing Futuristic Inventions
This video shows the top 7 technological and Modern inventions that will change our Lives. Like, mogees that transform anything into a musical instrument, Touchjet which turns any surface, TV and monitor into virtual touchscreen…
Virtual World Fair 2017 The First Worldwide Travel From Inside Your Home
What if you could discover a new facet, where dreams come to reality and there is no limits for imagination. A virtual worlds built over physical environments. '4D' environment FX, explore with and play against…

Worlds Most Advanced Charging System LaunchPort

31 August 2015
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Worlds Most Advanced Charging System LaunchPort
LaunchPort is a pedestal that will charge your iPod, Phone or iPad by magnetic induction. LaunchPorts are reassuringly luxurious, and the finishes will match just about any décor.

Rock Ripper - New Technology Trencher Machine

09 July 2015
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Rock Ripper - New Technology Trencher Machine
The Rock Ripper trenching chain consists of numerous identical sections, each having one alloy link, one or two journal pins, and two retaining pins. Bit holding blocks are welded directly onto each link, avoiding the…
You Can Build Your House Within Two Days With Hadrian Automated Bricklaying Robot
Australian engineer Marc Pivac has developed a completely computerized bricklayer robot that can build a home in just two days! The robot, named Hadrian after Hadrian's Wall works about 20 times turbo than a human…
Fuel Of The Future Created By Audi Using Air And Water
The German company Audi made-up a carbon-neutral fuel, created exclusively from water, carbondioxide gas and renewable energy sources. The crystal-clear "e diesel" has already passed tested within the Audi A8.
Bring Your Kids Creativity To Life In The Real World With Tinkerplay
Are you kids excited about 3D printing ? Then right here is the chance. Its handy, enjoyable and fun to start with, its called "Tinkerplay". It lets your kids create their own heroes and starwars.


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