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BeON Stress Free Home Security For Thwarting Burglars

02 December 2014
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BeON Stress Free Home Security
The Boston-based organization propelled a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its security-centered smart lightbulb, the BeON, aiming to bring $100,000 in donations over a 44 day period. The campaign is as of now live and has…

Kiev Fire Show 2012

16 June 2012
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Kiev Fire Show 2012
The Kiev International Fire Festival was held in the capital city of Kiev, Ukraine, on 25th-26th of May 2012. Those who attended got the chance to see the astonishing fire show performed by talented fire…

Visual Illusion - Not Photoshopped

08 February 2012
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Visual Illusion - Not Photoshopped
Illusions trick us with something different than it actually has, so what we see does not correspond to reality. some illusions show us one thing in a picture, while someone else sees something entirely different…

Philips Hue Tap Lights Hits The Markets

05 September 2014
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Philips Hue Tap Lights Hits The Markets
Philips has introduced a new light technology concept called the Philips Hue Tap. Hue is a network of color changing light bulbs that are not just controlled by existing switch but also with smartphone, internet…

LED Bulb Powered with a Lemon

26 March 2013
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LED Bulb Powered with a Lemon
This video shows how LED Bulb is Powered with a Lemon. We have a step by step video guide which shows how to generate power from lemon and light a LED Bulb. This also works…

Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony 2012 in Greece

20 May 2012
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Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony 2012
The Olympic flame was fired during the lighting ceremony in Greece, There was a a sharp gust of wind, but still the ceremony continued, and the fire was forwarded torchbearer.

Eye Stick - Light Cane

31 January 2013
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Eye Stick - Light Cane
Designer Kim Tae-Jin won the Red Dot Award 2012 for the concept of unusual canes for the blind, which is used instead of the hard core of the light beam and miniature ultrasonic sonar.

Night Vision Camera for BMW Car

16 May 2009
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Night Vision Camera for Car
Night Vision for BMW Car. The camera is fixed in front, below the headlight. The camera can see objects 300m apart on the road. This night vision camera works in dark night when there is…

Light Lamp - Creativity

23 April 2009
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Light Lamp Creativity
Picture collections of Light Lamp - Creativity
EDAG Oled Car
EDAG Light Car has been announced by EDAG as a environment-friendly, future-orientated car for everyday and leisure use.


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