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Sarah Ingle Spends $14,000 To Transform As Barbie Princess
This 25 year old girl Sarah Ingle of Colorado transforms herself into Disney princess for which she has spent more than $14,000 for her custom made costumes.
Diverse Barbie Doll To Be Released For Her Upcoming 57th Birthday
Toy maker Mattel has announced that the Barbie is getting a major makeover and is going to add a new line of diverse doll on regards of her upcoming 57th birthday. Since 1959, Barbara Millicent…

Chinese Human Doll

07 May 2010
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Chinese Human Doll
Wow! Now, this is really unbelievable! This Chinese girl looks exactly like a doll when she dresses up and put her make up. It’s like she’s from a different planet.
7 Charming Girls Who Looks Like Real Living Barbie Doll
It was a time when girls would love to groom themselves like movie stars and singers. Now the trend is changing, there are girls who wished to be like a doll and they did succeed.

18 Year Old Unusual Hulk Russian Muscular Barbie

27 February 2015
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18 Year Old Unusual Hulk Russian Muscular Barbie
Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins, as she is known in the powerlifting communities holds three world powerlifting records, is a 18-year old Russian powerlifter who recently went viral in Internet fame with her doll-like…

Cute Little Dubai Princess

06 January 2011
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Cute Little Dubai Princess
The family of Sheikh Mohammed is the ruling royal family of Dubai. Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan, First Lady of Dubai, is the wife of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin…

Ira Brown - Real Cute Barbie Girl

05 December 2011
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Ira Brown
Ira Brown, 2 years old is already a well-known model in the USA.

Dakota - The Live Barbie Doll

19 March 2012
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 Dakota - Barbie Doll
Dakota aka KotaKoti, a 16-year-old American girl resembles Barbie. Doll girl's appearance made her a real star of the Internet in Asia. Because of her appearance she is very popular in China and Japan.

Katrina Kaif The New Barbie Doll

01 April 2009
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Katrina Kaif The Barbie Doll
Glam doll Katrina Kaif will be the Indian face of the new Celebrity Barbie. Aishwarya Rai had reportedly been approached first, but declined due to lack of time.


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