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1320 Tonnes God Of War Statue Becomes The New Attraction In China
The God of War Statue has been recently unveiled in Guan Yu Park in Jingzhou, China. The statue depicts Guan Yu, a prominent epic figure in Chinese history who was a famous general during the…
World's First Blue Wine To Replace Red Wine Goes For Sale In UK
A new revolutionary in wine industry which has attracted the whole world is the "Blue Wine". Yes you are right, blue wine. Blue wine with 11.5 per cent alcohol per volume replaces the already traditional…

Check Your Actions To Judge Your Personality

03 June 2016
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Check Your Actions To Judge Your Personality
Your conduct is more convincing than your language. Here are some small things which we do that determines our personality. If you pass in all these nine actions then you are said to have a…
15 Best Inventions Of Earlier Women That Changed The World
Today the works of women is making its final steps. We need to salute those women who are the creators of some of today's creations. At the end of 20th century only 10 percent of…
Teenage Horse Rider Became The World's Youngest Billionaire
As soon as graduating from high-school, the 19 year old Alexandra Andresen of Norway has been named as the "World's Youngest Billionaire" by Forbes ranking with the estimation of $ 1.2 billion (or 862 million…

Replica Of Titanic Is Set To Sail The Seas In 2018

24 February 2016
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Replica Of Titanic Is Set To Sail The Seas In 2018
A full scale replica of Titanic is set to sail in 2018. This project was first proposed in 2012 by Australian multi billionaire "Clive Palmer" to be built in China. The intended launch date was…

Wingboarding The Future Extreme Aerial Sport

20 January 2016
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Wingboarding The Future Extreme Aerial Sport
Wingboarding is a new type of adventure sport that will soon be made available to thrill-mongers around the world. Developed by Wyp Aviation, a startup company trying to “take aviation to the next level”
Italian Cave Restaurant Allows You To Dine With Breathtaking Views
What’s more romantic than a candle lit dinner at the seaside? A candle-lit dinner in a grotto restaurant carved into the Italian seaside. Grotta Palazzese hotel restaurant is set in a vaulted limestone cave in…
Stomach Churning Tightrope Walk Between Flying Hot Air Balloons
Tancrède Melet and his accomplice Julien Millot, part of a teamwork called the Flying Frenchies, made up their mind to attempt a daring walk between two flying hot air balloons in mid air in Saint…
1.8 Million Dollar Floating Seahorse Underwater Villas In Dubai
The first of its kind a luxury breathtaking underwater villas that lets you to sleep with the fishes in Dubai. Created by the Kleindienst Group, the three-level luxury boathouses, called the "Floating Seahorse", is the…


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