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Replica Of Titanic Is Set To Sail The Seas In 2018

24 February 2016
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A full scale replica of Titanic is set to sail in 2018. This project was first proposed in 2012 by Australian multi-billionaire "Clive Palmer" to be built in China. The intended launch date was originally set in 2016, with the ship sailing from Southampton to New York within the same year; the launch has been delayed until 2018.


Grand Staircase that was reserved for first-class passengers

The new Titanic 2 ship will offer 840 cabins and the capacity to host 2,435 passengers and 900-crew. It is 833 feet long which is three inches longer than the original RMS Titanic. The ship is designed to be similar in internal and external appearance to the titanic except for few safety standards. With modern technology system a few has been changed like modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar system.


Second class cabins


The pool


First class stateroom


The Smoking Room


Old and New Titanic

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