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Google Unveils Project Soli To Bring Gesture Control To Wearables Featured

01 June 2015
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Project Soli is another answer that Google is giving the globe of wearable technology. Project Soli points to a contemporary method of viewing user interfaces. This sensing element detects the sensitivity of finger movement while not counting on ancient touch-screen devices. In short, Google desires to induce eliminate additional devices and capture the sleight of your hands straight up to assist you move with laptop devices, wearables, etc. Project Soli is Google ATAP’s plan to eliminate external devices and build use the human anatomy to be the solely input device.

Project Soli

The sensing element uses frequency to capture the movement of your hand. Google has engineered what it calls a “full-gesture recognition pipeline” to grasp every and each gesture of the human hand. The signals then interpret the intention of the human hand. It's capable of investigating fine motions like moving your thumb on your index (to simulate turning the volume knob up or down), bringing close the index and the thumb (to simulate pressing a button) then on.

The system uses broad beam radar location to measure Doppler image, intelligence quotient and exposure. The chip acknowledges movement, rate and distance and might be programmed to alter the input. The Soli chip works at 60Ghz radiolocation spectrum at up to 10,000 frames per seconds. In short, Soli could be a new method that Google hopes to-redefine the wearable market.

Google ATAP

wearable technology

Doppler image

full-gesture recognition pipeline


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