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Google High Altitude Balloons To Provide 4G Services To All

03 June 2016
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Internet giant Google is working close with the government of India on a pilot project "Project Loon" for proving internet connectivity using large balloons.

Project loon uses gaint balloons flying at a height of 20 kilometers above the surface of the earth surface. It has been prviously tested in Brazil, California and New Zealand. Google initially partner with BSNL for testing this technology by using broadband spectrum in 2.6 Ghz band. It replaces mobile towers and provides 4G services directly to 4G mobile phone. It can transmit signal for area about 40 km in diameter using LTE or 4G communication technology. Google uses solar panels and wind to power electronic equipment in balloon throughout the day. The location of the pilot is expected to be in Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra.

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