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Worlds Most Advanced Charging System LaunchPort Featured

31 August 2015
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LaunchPort is a pedestal that will charge your iPod, Phone or iPad by magnetic induction. LaunchPorts are reassuringly luxurious, and the finishes will match just about any décor.

Inductive charging transfers power from the Strut pedestal via the special matching case, charging an iPad without any other connections. You just place the iPad-in-its-case on the pedestal – there is also a wall-mounted version – and it automatically begins re-charging the device. Neodymium magnets secure the case to the pedestal, which rotates, tilts and pivots to any desired angle to position the iPad for comfortable usage even when it is recharging.

Enhancing its use even further, the iPad case employs an audio waveguide system that routes sound from the rear-facing iPad speaker forward, producing greater sound levels and increasing the clarity over a stand-alone iPad. The case is easily removed for travel or remote iPad usage.

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