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WiFi Pico Projector - The Best Gadget

18 January 2011
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The new compact projector from Chinavasion, based on the LED element, has a built-in Wi-Fi, and a wireless keyboard. This is the best gadget produced by Chinavasion in this month. CVOB-E72, the codename of this WiFi-enabled pico projector is running on Linux OS system. This super compact projector can project up to 70-inch of screen size to a white wall and viewable under a dime or no room light. It is also coming with one mini wireless keyboard that let you browse the web via Linux’s browser. This is convenient because no virus will attack the system because it’s Linux. You can even access to a handful of internet radio, video and reading the latest weather reports using this WiFi Enabled pico projector.

WiFi Pico Projector | The Best Gadget

Although it can projects up to 70-inch screen size, the resolution is quite low at 640 x 480 (VGA resolution) only. The pico projector also has low 10 ANSI lumens brightness and 200:1 contrast ratio. Which you should make sure to have a dark room before you can see a clear projected images on your wall. CVOB-E72 WiFi Pico Projector can work continuously for about 2 hours using the built-in rechargeable battery, and to fully recharge the battery could take about 4 hours. This WiFi Pico Projector is also featuring SD card slot, a USB port where you can play external media source conveniently. It is now available for purchase via Chinavasion online store for $267 (or lower if you buy in a bulk).

This mini Projector with WiFi is practically small and handy for traveling. You can have your own big screen entertainment anywhere you are as long as you’ve got a big wide white wall for the projection. Chinavasion Mini Projector with WiFi featuring a LED projector head, compact form factor (L:137mm x W:77mm x D:23mm), can connect to local WiFi b/g, Internal li-ion battery, a practical wireless remote control and many other features such as weather report, clock, internet radio, web video, and so on.

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