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Wearable Body Camera for Seattle Police Officers, Will benefit both Cops and Public Featured

15 March 2015
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In 2014, Obama government granted $263 million from the federal budget for cops training and for wearable cameras to document suspects and cops misconducts. This Reveal Media's RS3-SX wearable Body Camera is pager sized, and can be worn like a badge on police officer. This is for both public and cops benefit. The camera will help judge precisely the mistake punish the wrong doers. The body cam is tamper proof and will even punish the cops if any misconduct is found on behalf of the officer.

Reveal Media wearable Body Cam

Seattle Police Department logo

Since then through out the country Los Angeles to New York, the cops are testing the new wearable camera. The wearable camera is having some issues and till date, the department is having problem finding what these camera are shooting.

Seattle Police Department has started its own YouTube channel, which monitors officers with the help of body camera. Most of the videos are not clear and are slow. Seattle Police is developing a software with the help Timothy Clemens (a Software Developer). This software will allow user to modify the images and video more than 8 per day. Previous method would take many days of work.

Seattle Times (a newspaper) says, Seattle Police Department will give free access to this software soon in future.

Police displays the wearable camera

Police officers talking

Cop talking with public

female police talking with girl

Officer shows Reveal Media camera

Reveal Media's RS3-SX wearable Body Camera


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