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New Pilotfish Ondo Music Editing Concept Commercial Phone

07 May 2009
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Pilotfish Ondo Phoning

Pilotfish is an amazing industrial layout and organization specialized in electronic digital items. Pilotfish give attention to making unique consumer experiences on both the psychological and realistic. From 2000, the organization has grown into an international team having more than 25 engineers, designers, sales and advertising specialists providing global brands throughout the world.

Pilotfish is located in Munich, Amsterdam and another one in Teipei. Ondo program allows "original equipment manufacturer" to focus on a new type of user influence for cell phones. Ondo is a conceptual cell phone for the music enthusiast who wish to collectively record and edit audio.

The main user of Ondo will be the music lovers those who are looking for collectively capturing and editing audios. Compared to past other items, it really is specifically made to effectively collect real audio and desisned to create a responsive sound editing.

Pilotfish Ondo Remixing

Pilotfish Ondo Explanation

Pilotfish Ondo Twisting

Pilotfish Ondo Bending

Produced from kind- delicate flexible components, Ondo enables a person to modify documented sounds by shacking and bending the unit. Just like a guitar player, users can experience and listen to the music outcomes as they produce them. We see the next in which technologies are a lot more adapted to human needs and desires, much more user-friendly to use and more in- series with all the surroundings.

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