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Foldable Touchscreen Smartphone - The Drasphone Featured

13 November 2015
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Suppose having a touchscreen smartphone that you simply might fold up. That’s a bit impractical right? Well, R&D CORE limited considered this fact and that have given you a concept for a foldable mobilephone and it’s known as Drasphone.

It’s a handset that’s meant to mix the clamshell with a bendy handset. This conceptual smartphone is in a position to bend at three point. The concept behind the Drasphone is combining clamshell (flip) design of the 90s with latest touchscreen display pioneering bendy display technology. There are two approaches to fold the cellphone: half of folded with a view to give you the Squarish MiniDras and a complete fold with a purpose to give you the MicroDras. When totally folded, a component of the screen is left uncovered with a purpose to display all your notifications and primary data even when your mobile is in sleep mode.

It appears just a little weird with all its hinges and folds, however there seems to be no interruption. The metal buttons and body appear excellent, and the screen itself is competent to sense finger force so that the sensors are in the back of the flexible surface and yet it doesn’t influence the touchscreen performance. From the images, it looks like it irresistibly has most of the common smartphone functions like cameras, weather, email notifications, etc. It even looks like it has dual front speakers.

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