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ExoLens The New Add On Lens For Smartphone Featured

24 February 2015
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ExoLens is a new add-on lens system for the iPhone 6. ExoLens lets you screw on either a wide-angle lens or 3x zoom lens over the smartphone’s built-in fixed lens. Want to take your iPhone 6 photos to the next level, then perhaps you should consider the new ExoLens iPhone 6 lens kit, which just released and is the newest addition to the handful of lens kits currently on the market.


The iPhone 6 has one of the best cameras in the iPhone’s history, and ExoLens is leveraging that with its optics. Machined aircraft-grade aluminum bracket fits over the iPhone easily, and gives it a secure hold. The Telephoto 3x Lens extends the iPhone 6’s 30mm focal length to 90mm, letting you magnify a scene while still using the device’s auto-focus and other features. The 165-degree Wide-Angle Lens gives the iPhone 6 an action camera-style fish eye lens, letting you take in more of a scene. The bracket also puts a tripod screw on the phone, for a steady shot. In addition to the two lenses, the kit comes with lens caps, a lens hood for the telephoto lens, and a microfiber lens bag that only has enough room to fit one lens.

Unlike Olloclip, the ExoLens only has two lens options, but being that lenses are interchangeable, we imagine there will be more glasses in the near future. The ExoLens can be purchased via the Apple Store for $130 – not exactly cheap, but the company stresses the “premium” build quality. A version for iPhone 6 Plus will be available in May 2015.

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Telephoto 3x Lens

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