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Connect To Wifi From A Distance Of 4 Kilometers With Proxyham Featured

07 July 2015
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At DEF CON 23 this summer, an information security consultant plans to unveil "ProxyHam", a hardware device that bears much promise for the future of web anonymity. In ideal conditions, it is estimated that customers can use ProxyHam to receive a Wi-Fi signal up to 2.5 miles away.

We all know that Internet just stole our privacy. Every site like Facebook , Twitter and many keep our information (like address or region, phone number etc) and comments to analyse our perfect choice for more relevant adds. Benjamin Caudill, who is founder and Principal Consultant for Rhino Security Labs, developed the product in response to the growing threats against web privacy, particularly those arising from national security surveillance-based programs.

Proxyham is comprised of a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer, along with a three antennas setup. One antenna is used to connect to a source Wi-Fi network at a public place, and the other two antennas are used to transmit the Wi-Fi signal at a 900 MHz frequency. By relying on a 900 MegaHertz radio connection, ProxyHam effectively connects to a far-away Wi-Fi, with a range of between 1 and 2.5 Miles, depending upon certain interference factors.

Therefore, in case if spies manage to completely trace the target's internet connection, they will find only the IP address of ProxyHam box transmitting a low-level radio signal thousands of feet away in some direction. Caudill is planning to sell ProxyHam at cost for $200, "as a service to the community," and he also hopes that he’ll be able to drop the price to $150 soon.

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