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Charge Your Gadgets On The Go With Rollable Solar Charger

04 February 2015
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A new portable charger has evolved which does not need any electrical outlet named "The Rollable Solar Charger". The main disadvantage of modern gadgets is its energy level especially when traveling and not sure when it will be possible to charge their devices again.

Rollable Solar Charger

Rollable Solar Charger is made of lightweight aluminum and has a compact shape and compromising looks to fit everyone’s bag for charging a product on the go. Designed by WAACS was inspired by ancient papyrus rolls combined with modern day flexible solar cells. You only have to take the retractable solar sheet for charging. When the solar panel is fully unrolled it can be easily placed in the sun for powering up your device. With this solar charger in your bag, you no longer will have an empty phone, camera or tablet battery just when they need it.

PowerFilm R15-300 Rollable Solar Panel Charger

lightweight aluminum

Designed by WAACS

flexible solar cells

retractable solar sheet

sun for powering


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