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Amazing Innovations Which Will Change Your Bathroom Experience Featured

07 August 2015
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Visit to your bathroom are sometimes horrible and you would have always expected if there was an alternate for it. Imagine a bathroom experience where everything things was handy! In , "Quilted Northern" has come with some stylish add-on which will will give a new state of art and enhanced bathroom experience.

A new setup to lift toilet seats

Toilet seat lifter setup

Let us know your problem, and there is solution for everything.

Restroom for Kitten

Restroom for Kitten

Don't you think they too need some privacy. Hmm!

Heated Towel Dryer

Heated Towel Dryer

A heated towel dryer or rack is an innovative design, which keeps the towels warm before using them. For many years, European hotels had a practice of using this heat rack in rooms

A Footrest for Shaving your legs

Footrest support for shaving legs

It not good idea to shave your leg, resting the whole body on another leg. Don't forget you are handling the a weapon, if you miss the balance, you may cut something else. :) Better use a footrest...

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker for your Bathroom

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, we know you like to dance and sing in your bathroom. Don't worry carry one no one is watching you.. :)

Let It Flo, Water Deflector and Bubble Dispenser

An waterfall effect with no soap no tears. This invention has given great happiness to moms, when their kids bath without any worries with no soap in eyes.

Arrest hair in Sink

Arrest hair in Sink

Usually women long hairs clog the water flow in the sink and causes a great mess. This creative invention holds the unwanted hairs which escapes into the sink. Your man will be very much pleased to see this invention, because he was the person who always removed those unwanted dirty hairs from the sink... uh... Am I right!! :)

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