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All In One Travel Gadget Companion

12 December 2014
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When you are overseas and the streets are unfamiliar, Travelling Companion Panorama Camera becomes your true companion. You no need to keep carrying so many gadgets for your travel. This Travelling Companion Panorama Camera consolidates GPS, digicam, mobile phone and lots of other tech aspects.

Travelling Companion Panorama Camera

Han Li is a Chinese tourists designer who invented this innovative and creative camera. Han Li's digital camera includes a pair of tech-packed side bars that are separated by a transparent touchscreen window. Grip the ends of the camera and hold the clear display in front of your eyes. The augmented reality interface will overlay understanding about your environment on your reference, serving to you to map routes, to observe points of interest and to visually document your trip.

The screen permits you to map your path for the day and get in further info like important spots and unbeaten paths to follow. The transparent touch screen display digital camera makes it possible for you to track route of unfamiliar cities and also furnish more understanding about unfamiliar areas of the city or nation.

Panorama Camera as GPS

Travelling Companion as digicam

innovative and creative camera

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