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3Doodler - Pen to Draw 3D Figures Featured

04 March 2013
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 You can design a 3D object in few minutes without any software or technical knowledge. 3Doodler, you can draw 3D figures with 3Doodler Pen. This is very easy and anyone can doodle. How the 3Doodler Works: First you have to insert a small piece of plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene 'ABS' or Polylactic acid 'PLA') in the 3Doodler gun. The plastic piece passes inside the 3Doodler and is heated. Then the plastic piece melts and is used to draw figures and are painted with a stencil or can draw real 3D models. Soon the 3Doodler will be available for $75 (approx).



Pen to Draw 3D Figures

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