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PyleSports - Portable Audio, Street Blaster speakers Featured

28 July 2014
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Pyle has released a portable audio device referred to as the Street Blaster speakers. The device includes a 1000W power output, larger dimension and Bluetooth property. It also features NFC technology for simple pairing with compatible devices. The Street Blaster Built-in Amplifier, Rechargeable Battery, AUX-input, Mic and Guitar Inputs. This options Power, Charge and Battery Level Indicators Level Indicators and the average charging time is four hours. The maximum selling price of Pyle is for $249.99.

Model : PBMSPG100

Brand :  PyleSports

Category :  Bluetooth Speakers

MSRP :  $249.99

Warranty 1 Year

DC Charging/Power Adaptor Cable Included

Power: 100V-220V AC, 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 24.5'' (W) x 10.0'' (D) x 10.0'' (H)

Weight :21.7 lbs.

Pyle Sports Street Blaster Portable Speakers

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