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17 December 2014
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Reconnect The Nature With Outdoor Multi Projector
Its humorous that we pick going outdoor and camping, simply to reconnect with nature, and yet we need the comfort of technology to keep us entertained. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, the Dooroo is…
15 December 2014
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Mini Portable Printer
The whole lot in these days has long gone mobile. Thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops we can depart our office whilst staying utterly linked by using doing work on the go. However, there's…
11 December 2014
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Make Your Skin The New Smartphone With Cicret Bracelet
With wearables gaining importance in this modern world, a new innovative encrypted technology called the Cicret Bracelet works as an extension of your smartphone, that you could make your skin the brand new touchscreen.
08 December 2014
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Portable Pocket Library
Internet is the best to gather knowledge. But, only few has access to the internet. Bridging this gap is the Lantern, a portable knowledge receiving device which you need to get your palms on one.…
08 December 2014
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Innovative Medical Tool To Generate New Skin
The ReSkin gadget is an innovative medical device that may aid burn victims make healing faster with the help of skin grafts. Practically, stem cells are harvested and then made to grow as skin dermis…
05 December 2014
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Enjoy A Healthy Snack With Your Imaginations Taste
Set to mimic, designed by Sorina Răsteanu is a group of wise kitchenware that recreates tastes and smells of your meals to your imagination. This concept has been awarded the prestigious red dot award.
04 December 2014
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Portable Power Charger
Mini power portable charger designed by Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has received the Red Dot Award this year. Unlike other conventional portable charges, the mini power charger is intended to be tiny in size, and comes…

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