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21 November 2014
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iPhone Pro Camera
Designer Choi Jinyoung has released a new iPhone concept called the "iPhone Pro". It features a 3D camera, a DSLR lens mount, a built-in pico projector, and a removable hard drive.
10 November 2014
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Glass Free Portable 3D Real Entertainment
Technology has influenced and changed the world of future. A New desired technology named Bleen has emerged which enables everyone to watch 3D in a better Quality. Bleen is the practical 3D projection system that…
31 October 2014
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Portable Futuristic Personal Computer Concept
Advancement in technology creates new sleek, modern, impressive designs and portable computers. These futuristic computers are mind-blowing and it will be so wonderful if they are available in the market soon.
28 October 2014
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Apple iWear
A new flexible, sleek and slim gadget called the Apple iWear is a flexible phone also a bracelet, can be worn on the wrist. The designer Sunfer Ho has designed the iWear with flexible display…
23 October 2014
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First Umbrella Ever With No Upper Plasticised Fabric
Rainy days are the most lovely days in a year except for the wet umbrella and rain coats. However designers Je Sung Park & Woo Jung Kwon of China has designed a new type of…
03 October 2014
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Take Selfie On The Move With Nixie Wearable Drone
Nixie makes you to take selfie on the go. Nixie wearable drone films each move and fly's back to sit on your wrist. This is the first wearable camera on the wrist. It was created…
12 September 2014
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Most Awaiting Apple iPhone 6
Apple has recently announced the new 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. These Models are expected to launch on September 19 with pre orders starting from September 12. Both the iPhone's,…
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