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Googles New Customizable Smartphone With 11 Interchangeable Modules
Google advanced technology & projects (ATAP) group has unveiled a new modular smartphone with 11 swappable components named "Spiral 2". This latest version of the customizable phone concept was presented at the Project Ara Developers…
Wireless Keyboard With Multi Function Shortcut And Language Keys
Those of us who are terrible at memorizing keyboard shortcuts, can now do it with ingenious wireless keyboard concept known as E Ink Keyboard. Depending on where you’re from, it will be sold to you…
Wire Free Charging Gadget For All Your Battery Powered Devices
True wireless charging is finally arrived, thanks to the Energous WattUp. No more wires or charging plates needed and you can have the freedom to roam where you want to without worrying about your mobile…
08 January 2015
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Portable Instant Photo Printer For Your Phone
Polaroid has unveiled a brand new mobile, pocket-sized printer that lets you print enjoyable snaps from any Bluetooth enabled Apple or Android gadgets instantly. The Polaroid Zip mobile printer, lets you print instantaneous 3 x…
07 January 2015
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Pocket Sized Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera
Introducing the pocket sized Super 16 digital film camera that's small enough to keep with you at all times, so you'll never miss a shot! It is designed specifically for shooting in the remote locations…
02 January 2015
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Worlds First Double Screen Future Smartphone
The world's first double screen smartphone has arrived! Yotaphone 2 comes with bigger, better displays wrapped in a much sleeker Style. The front of the new Android device features a conventional LCD screen but flip…
02 January 2015
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First Child-Safe 3D Sketching Printing Pen
The Polyes Q1 pen is the first 3D sketching printing pen with blue light and actual inks. Fast Light-curing Technology turns your imagination into reality! The safest, cool-ink 3D pen.
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