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Fuel Of The Future Created By Audi Using Air And Water Featured

12 May 2015
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The German company Audi made-up a carbon-neutral fuel, created exclusively from water, carbondioxide gas and renewable energy sources. The crystal-clear "e diesel" has already passed tested within the Audi A8. Audi has currently originated a pilot plant in Dresden, Germany, operated by clean tech company Sunfire, which can pump out 160 litres of the artificial diesel each day within the coming months.


Their base product, 'blue crude' is formed employing a three-step method. The primary step involves harvest of home renewable energy from sources like wind, star and hydropower. They then use this energy to separate water into oxygen and pure hydrogen, employing a method called reversible electrolysis.

This element is then mixed with carbon monoxide (CO), that is formed from greenhouse gas (CO2) that’s been harvested from the atmosphere. These two react at high temperatures and pressure, leading to the assembly of the long-chain organic compound that frame the blue crude. Once it has been refined, the ensuing e-diesel can either be mixed in with our current fuel, or used on its own to power cars

Analyses of company Sunfire shown that this artificial fuel isn't solely a lot of environmentally friendly, however conjointly has higher combustion characteristics compared to fossil fuels. In keeping with their reports, the energy potency of e-diesel is 70 %. Of course, the initial plant, that produces solely 160 liters of fuel per day, won't have any considerable impact on the market. However, Audi and Sunfire are presently progressing to build an outsized complex, and their calculations, scale of production can enable to sell the e-diesel at a worth of between 1 and 1.5 euros per cubic decimetre - depending on the worth of renewable energy.

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