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Electrolux Winner Bloom Encourage Healthy Modern Cooking

08 October 2015
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A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Bloom is a one-of-a-kind kettle that utilizes steam in a safe and accessible way for children. Bloom doesn’t just benefit children, but the entire family.

Designed by Jordan Lee Martin, Bloom’s unique pods function in 3 ways: steam Cooking, growing and air purification, and product sterilization. The pods can be controlled through a native app or the directly on the hub. It helps parents achieve entertaining ways to educate their children and encourage good habits such as healthy eating, growing and cooking – all safe, easy and time efficient.

Using a tablet or smartphone, the app bridges the gap between digital and practical education, teaching children about the processes occurring in the pod, e.g. photosynthesis, the water cycle, germs, cooking and more. For motivation, it also awards them for using the pods, carrying out new tasks and challenges, creating an incentive to want to learn and do more. Additionally, Bloom creates a focal point for the whole family to come together where parents can join their children in building new skills, creating memories, having fun and get more involved with daily routines.

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