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Baby Drop Box For Children Featured

15 February 2014
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Pastor lee with drop box for children

Pastor Lee Jong-rak from the Jusarang Church in Seoul South Korea has designed an unusual wooden drop box device for children. This box is for abandoned children instead for leaving them on the street or in the trash. It is a shelter where somebody can securely leave the baby.

Every year hundreds of babies are abandoned and left to die on the streets of South Korea. So in a motto to save these children, the pastor designed this device. The box has smoke detectors and Heaters attached to it. It also has a hydraulic lever and lights positioned inside to facilitate the user.

The case has warm cloth and the container is warmed with heater to keep the child warm. When baby is kept inside, the case alerts the staff with a sound. In South Korea, kids who are born with some disabilities are abandoned in such baby box.

Since 1998, the shelter has adopted many young kids, and raised and adored them. Presently, Lee's work has extended changing lives in South Korea, and worldwide. Brian Ivie a USC Film student, from Los Angeles came to know about Lee. He decided to fly to Seoul, South Korea to record his invention and his support to babies in shelters. This film made Paster Lee to be more famous around the world. Ivie said "I turned into a Christian while shooting this film". A very useful and handy invention for abandoned kids.

Pastor lee opening drop box

pastor lee keeping baby in drop box

lee holding a baby

Drop box an significant invention

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