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Worlds First Electric Car Using 3D Printing Technology

16 September 2014
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The world's first 3D printed electric car, called Strati has created history in the car manufacturing process. This car was done as a part of International Manufacturing Technology Show by Cincinnati Incorporated along with Jay Rogers of Local Motors.

3D Printed Car

The car is made entirely with carbon fiber plastic. The body of the car was done using 3D printer and the other parts which cannot be printed such as the engine, lights were then Fixed. The whole process of Strati car took 44 long hours. It will be able to reach 40 mph and will run for 180 miles on a single charge. The car is totally reusable, recyclable and can be reprinted to fit the needs. The Strati electric car will cost between $18000 and $30000. It is believed that the Local motors will start their massive production by 2015.

Local Motors Strati

Full View Of Strati

Main Components

Rear View Of Strati

Strati During IMTS

Top View

Strati Printing Process

During Test Drive

Strati Car Seats

3D Printed Strati body

Worlds first 3D Printed Car

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