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Worlds First Automatic Self-Driven Truck Comes to Reality in US Roads Featured

06 May 2015
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Daimler's automatic driver-less truck now made legal to drive on the Nevada highways. The Government has officially permitted "Freightliner Truck" to use the highway and this would be the first of its kind to steer on the public roads in US. The automated "Highway Pilot system" is fully fixed with all kind of cameras, senors, and computer technologies. Even though the truck is self driven, but it still requires a human attention behind the steering.

The big truck officials website says, the semi-automated truck runs on the sensors and computers. The self-driving truck can maintain speed, stay on the preferred lane, and can brake safely and keep distance with other vehicles. This will help the driver to do his other chores like planing the route, and other works. In some situations the automatic truck needs attention of the driver, when exiting a highway, or when need to stop at a delivery point etc.

Worlds First Automatic Self-Driven truck comes to reality in US

The semi automatic Freightliner's truck would be the most fuel efficient 


The semi-automatic truck has travelled over 10,000 miles in Germany to undergo the test. Currently Daimler has announced two automatic trucks in operation and have not disclosed of any further mass production.

Video of the Daimler's First semi-automatic truck


The radar and sensors will control the truck when the driver is not at the seat to control the steering

Source: Daimler

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