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Volga GAZ 5000 New GL - Concept Car Featured

23 November 2011
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Volga GAZ 5000 New GL

The original "GAZ Volga" was introduced by the Russian carmaker back in 1956 and has been produced for three generations. The last generation of the GAZ Volga entered production in 1970. Recently, two Russian designer have revealed their interpretation of a possible future GAZ Volga, named 5000 GL. The GAZ 5000 GL Volga is powered by 3.2 liter developing 296 horse power that's coupled with a 6 speed manual gearbox and an four-wheel-drive system.

The GAZ 5000 GL Volga has five-door configuration with a boot lid that could be opened in two ways, similar to the one on the new Skoda Superb.

Although the GAZ 5000 GL Volga is just a design exercise, various gimmicks say the Russian carmaker is planning to bring the model back with a new version.

Concept Car

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