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Tulip Inspired Electric Vehicle Concept Scooter

28 August 2015
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Scooters these days come in all shapes and sizes. Some are traditionally built while others are designed to resemble motorcycles. A concept electric vehicle called Tulip was recently unveiled by designer Ognyan Bozhilov.

In case you were wondering what that has to do with the flower-inspired name, here's the answer. The scooter was fitted with two wing-like protection shields that offer the rider some isolation from rain or any other elements. Also, these fold when the Tulip is not in use to protect the scooter's body. Wheel fenders were also placed on the two front wheels, completely covering them up to create the illusion of the scooter sliding forward with just one Tron-like rear wheel aiding it.

Powering the Tulip is a lithium-ion battery that’s comprised of a motor and an inventor that Bozhilov combined in a single unit to space precious weight and space. According to Bozhilov, the Tulip is capable of hitting a top speed of 50 mph while covering a range of 60 miles on a single full charge.

Motor: 7kW

Battery Capacity: in the range of 80-100 Ah

Range: ~ 100 km.

Max Speed: 80-90 km/h

Here's what the designer has to say about his creation: "The Tulip is the ultimate vehicle for the modern city. It's ultralight, zero emission, small and nimble personal transportation machine that you can use in your everyday routine or for short recreational trips."

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