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Mighty illustration: Chevy's Driverless Concept Car Now Comes to Reality

23 April 2015
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 It was assumed that Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury self-driving car was the futuristic! General Motors driver-less car, the Chevrolet FNR is now leading the autonomous car concept. Now the electric driverless car has come to reality. A Chinese GM division has revealed Chevrolet-FNR the driver-less car in the Shanghai Auto Show.

Chevrolet FNR, Driverless Concept Car

The aerodynamic smoothness, laser lights, dragonfly like Scissor doors, and sensors available in Chevy car, aren't noticeable in the competitor robotic vehicles. Furthermore, the wireless electric charging, 180 degree revolving front seat, eye sensor to identify the owner, hub-less magnetic wheel electric motors, are added features.

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