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IMove - Apple Concept Electric Car Featured

18 May 2013
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A car by Apple was one of Steve Jobs' biggest dreams that remained unfulfilled. Inspired by Apple products, 22-year old Liviu Tudoran has designed iMove - an Apple Macintosh concept car for the year 2020.

IMove - Apple Concept Electric Car

The top part of the car, inspired by the Apple's Macintosh mouse, can open during the driving to give a cabriolet feeling. The interior of the car will also be with a difference. Tudoran has worked out various configuration to seat three passengers. The entire dashboard will be a touchscreen. The car will be customisable. The photocromic material used for the exterior transparent area of the car can allow the users to change the vehicle's appearance using different available presets.

The roof of this concept will be covered with pyramidal shaped glass receptors that are able to change the vehicles electronic dashboard. iMove will have elastic textile material at the back. The material will hold tight any type of object under its pressure used for luggage.

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