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Futuristic Driverless Underground Tube Trains Of London Featured

13 October 2014
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Futuristic designs of driver-less London underground trains were made by Priestman Goode and transport for London (TFL). These tube trains are designed to be driver-less and operational from 2025. They will run on central, Piccadilly, Bakerloo and Waterloo and city line stations. This design contains full air conditioning and walk through carriage facilities. This tube trains will truly be beautiful, simple, functional and maintainable for the increasing population of London.

close up view of the carriages

The 250 tube trains carriage features full air conditioning for the first time even on the deep sections. They include step free entrance from platform with walk through carriages and wider door to have easy entrance and exit of the passengers. The interior uses natural finishes and materials to ensure a comfortable journey, and includes colors of charcoal, grey and oxblood that represents the underground DNA.

The train is designed to be driver-less but initially there will be a operator on board. These tube trains use modern signal systems for its reliable services. These trains are designed to last for at least 40 years. These innovative, eye-catching and sleek new trains will be vital for the continued modernization of London Underground,’ said the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

wider doors of train

contemporary train design style

live update screens

Tube trains

charcoal, warm grey and oxblood colors Interior

air-cooler system

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