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BMW Two Wheel Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle Featured

08 December 2015
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This is a fantastic concept, designed specifically to set a new speed record styled for saltlake speed record attempts rather than daily usage. The concept is called the 'BMW apollo streamliner' created by industrial designer, mehmet doruk erdem. The bike’s main focus is on speed but retains the brand’s heritage through key details.

The concept is interesting because the back half of the apollo looks like some sort of vintage motorcycle. It does this by combing traditional styling, illustrated by the brown saddle, exposed engine and rear suspension, with futuristic characteristics. The front half of the bike is hidden behind a streamlined shroud. The shroud comes low enough to the ground that the motorcycle certainly couldn't be leaned over very far in a corner before it would hit the road and crash over. That front section is styled to help move some of the air around the driver and decrease wind buffeting.

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